Snowboarding is a winter sport that involves riding on a board that is attached with the feet of the rider by snowboarding boot. This sport is much younger than Skiing and it was evolved out of by an idea to surf snow just like the way of wave surfing. In Kashmir, this activity is commonly practiced in Gulmarg and Khilanmarg where virgin snows are abundantly available during winter season.

Gear On Rent / All-in-one-Package

Both options are available and depending on how many people in your group are, the rates change. However be prepared to bargain hard. Frequent travelers insist on looking at the gear first and then decide what to opt for. If the shoes etc appear new, the all-in-one package should be the choice.

Best Learner Tip

Insist on a guide if you belong to a big group especially if you take the all-in-one package. The guide will be partly responsible for any mishaps that may come your way.

Snowboard Rental

The Snowboard rentals start from Rs 1,800 onwards. Ice goggles Rs 150 onwards. Special Boots Rs 700 onwards.

Best Time to Visit

December to March is the best period as snow is plentiful.