Pony Riding or Horse Riding

Pony riding or horse riding is a popular tourist’s activity in Kashmir. Tourists can find horse (ponies) in popular holiday resorts especially in those places where some roads are not motorable in highlands. Tourists hire ponies to carry out trekking activity in the highlands of the valley. Places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalagam, Yusmarg in Kashmir valley, Patnitop, Sanasar, Kud in Jammu and Nubra Valley, Zanskar Valley, dras valley are the best known for pony riding.

Before Riding a Pony

Pony rides can be pleasurable as well as a painful experience. Riding for a short distance is okay but not so when for a good stretch of 3-4 hours. Else you might end up with cramps and acute pain in your back, pelvic region, crotch and inner thighs because your body is constantly subjected to lots of jerks. For those of you who haven’t rode a pony or horse before, this is akin to the pain you will feel after working out in the gym on the first day.


  1. The Pony owners are interested in your money so they cough up the distances. Many a time they gesture as if the destination is way long, whereas it is just a few km away.
  2. If a Pony borders a cliff, do not panic. Even the poor creature loves its life and will carry you safely.
  3. Know how to pat and love a Pony and pat once or twice before climbing. Animals are sensitive and sometimes even respond positively.
  4. If possible, carry some Jaggery & Chana (Roasted Bengal gram) for the Pony. These animals are fed poorly and … you know what!