Heli skiing

Introduction of Heli skiing in 1986-87 added a new dimension to the adventure tourism of Kashmir. The valley is the second most popular destination for heli skiing in world. This adventure activity requires great energy level along with skills to perform skiing in snow clad mountainous valleys. Heli skiing is an off trail, downhill skiing activity that is performed from summit of high snow capped mountains to slopes using helicopter.

The Indian Beauty

Though heli skiing is popular across the world where the heights end at 9,500 feet, Indian heights just begin around 8,900 feet. The height itself is enough to gush the adrenaline and brightening the already gleaming faces. The thought of skiing from such great heights cannot be explained in words.

Curry Powder Snow

The Indian conditions, generate the fluffy and granular snow, called the Curry Powder which is unique to Kashmir. The latitude allows for a longer day. Thanks to the low moisture content, the alternating freezing, melting and refreezing leads to corn sized snow which skiers cherish.

Gulmarg Kashmir

Gulmarg is the place in Kashmir where skiers can perform this activity. It is Asia’s highest and world’s 2nd highest heli skiing resort, after Canada. The natural gentle slopes and powdery snow of the region make it a paradise for heli skiing lovers. The Best time for heli skiing activity is from the months of November to February.


Just for Rs 14,500 onwards tourists can opt for a single lift and compare this experience with your other adventures. Believe us; this trip will always rank the best! This is guaranteed. If planning to stay back for a week, you can opt for the week-long package (starting typically at Rs 5 Lakhs) with guaranteed lifts and alternate arrangements in inclement weather. Everything covered to the finest detail which includes 6-night lodging, 5-Star resort, all meals, use of powder skis and airport transfers.