Gondola Ride

No trip to Gulmarg is complete without riding the Gondola. Available in two hops, or phases and each one takes you to enormous heights within minutes. At 5 meters per second, your first hop—Kongdori–ends even before you settle down and begin to enjoy as it takes just 7 minutes and you have climbed around 400 vertical meters. The ticket for this is Rs 700.

The second hop—Apharwat Peak–takes a little longer time to reach the top, around 12 minutes and you climb 900 meters vertically. Breathtaking views all around keep you mesmerized all the way. This is especially true when it has snowed earlier. Tickets for this ride costs Rs 900.

Your Adrenaline Rush Awaits

As you climb up, all the objects turn tiny and appear beautiful. Within 2 minutes you have already climbed 80 meters (270 feet) vertically and the houses below appear like toys. Even before this feeling sinks in, the toys turn tiny and men disappear giving you an adrenaline rush. Be prepared for handshaking with clouds, as they eagerly await your arrival.

Tips Regarding Touts/Locals

  1. There is no need for any guide. It is best to talk to those who have visited earlier. Once the locals arrive, your guide is of no help and he will keep quiet.
  2. Avoid agents offering you to buy a ticket for you. It does not take much time as the line moves quickly.
  3. For skiing from the Apharwat mountain, the ski charges including instructor are Rs 400/-. The locals usually start from Rs 2,000/- so beware.
  4. The Gondola is just a 1 km leisurely walk away from the parking / city center. You will need at the most 15 minutes walking down the distance. Do not pay heed to the touts/horse owners as they try to befool you about the above 4 km distance.
  5. Reach the Gondola before 10 as it gets crowded thereafter and chaos rules.