Golfing in Jammu & Kashmir is one of the high point for tourists seeking leisure in the lap of nature. This is the place where golf lovers can enjoy the game throughout the summer from the months of April to November. The valley offers an outstanding opportunity to play golf for long hours in the refreshing golf courses of Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Sanasar.

Playing golf in Kashmir can be more relaxing and enjoyable experience as compared to the golfing in plains because of its moderately lower temperature. With every shot, the player watching the ball’s trajectory gets a totally different view unmatched yet. The views encourage all players to excel and impress others. During winter months, the golf courses in Kashmir remain close when the entire valley covered with snow.

The fun of teeing—for all tourists in a professional Golf Course–is only possible in Jammu & Kashmir. In other Indian cities, like Delhi for instance, only the elite can enjoy this leisurely sport. This good news does not end here; all sporting gear, professional tips, caddies everything is available on hire. Memberships are in plenty: daily, weekly and monthly too–if staying for longer duration–is up for grabs.

Enjoy Golf the Whole Day

Temperatures in Kashmir seldom rise above 35 degrees, even in so called extreme summers across India. Thanks to the climate, tourists can play golf till they drop. The cool climate, lush green grass, exotic wild flowers exceeding 16 varieties, the small ponds with crystal clear water, snow-capped mountain backdrop and the lingering pine fragrance is an experience of your lifetime.Golfing is best enjoyed from April to November in general. However, delayed snowfall extends this limit.

Small Golf Courses for Families and Beginners alike

Though all tourists are newcomers many like to try first. Missing the hit a few times is not unseen. The 3 and 6 learning hole practice turfs ensure no one laughs at your mistimed strokes. Even ladies & teenagers like to indulge making it a family outing. The best part is even this golf course gives the look and feel of the larger, professional set up.